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NCIS Fanfiction by Kikkimax

Legends and Myths 


Sequel to Angels and Heroes.  Tony has a little trouble readjusting after he returns to work.  Are his nightmares dreams or memories?


Gen.  Rated for mature audiences for language and adult situations.

30,274 word count


Warning: mention of non-con and violence.





The Jagged Heart 


Tony learns not everyone is as harmless as they first appear and suffers the consequences of an obsession gone too far.  


Gen.  Rated PG-13 for language, violence, and sexual references.  

26,736 word count



A dead marine in an Armani suit means someone is going undercover in a house of ill repute.  


Gen.  Rated PG-13 for mature themes and language.

44, 084 word count


Angels and Heroes


Things go bad after Tony receives the yearly reminder of a case from his past that refuses to let him go.  



Gen.  Rated R for mature audiences for language and adult situations.

40,567 word count


Warning: male non-con, some graphic violence.



~Nominated:  2009 NCIS Fanfic.Net Awards~

~Nominated:  2009 NCIS Fanfic.Net Awards~

~Winner 2009 NCIS Fanfiction Awards:  Best Casefile~


Home.The Sentinel.Stargate SG1.Firefly.Supernatural.Crossovers.

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